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The Gift Shop

Continuous fund raising following the group's formation allowed our first major fund raising project to take shape on the 1/7/2000 with the opening of the "Ye Olde Railway Station Gift Shoppe". We were fortunate in having the support of the owner of a vacant shop opposite to where the original railway station stood. The owner allowed the lease of the premises for the cost of rates only.

This gift shop featured gifts, Collie souvenirs and a variety of craft work supplied by local artists, and also serves light refreshments.The shop was open 7 days a week and was staffed by volunteers, both members and non members.

The gift shop is still in operation today, but has moved into the new station building at 86 Throssell Street.
Open 6 days a week (Closed Mondays)  from 9:30 - 3.00 pm

The Rebuilding of the Collie Railway Station

The plans of the original railway station were obtained from Westrail archives. The land on which the old building and the original platform used to stand was unused. The group's approach to the Shire of Collie and Westrail eventually resulted in a lease being granted to the C.R.S.G. Inc. for the purpose of rebuilding the railway station. Photographs, artists impressions, and the original plans were made available to the architect, and plans for the new building were drawn from these.The initial plans were displayed to the public on 16/12/2000.The new building was designed with the exterior construction as similar as possible to the original station. The interior was redesigned to comprise 3 large rooms instead of the original 12 smaller rooms allowing for a shop, as well as Rail Memorabilia and Industrial Displays.

'Sponsor your Station' - You can own part of your Station

The community was urged to take ownership of the construction of the Collie Railway Station. The Collie Railway Station Group Inc. asked people to sponsor parts of the railway station building to raise the funds required to complete the $100,000 project. Everything inside and out was up for grabs, from bricks and weatherboards to lights and air conditioning. People could sponsor a tile for just $2, while those wanting to contribute more could pay as much as $2000 for double doors.

All contributors now have a plaque containing their name and what they contributed on an honour board in the completed building.

The Collie Railway Station : Rebuilt 2003-2004

The new station building is the culmination of four years of fundraising and negotiations. The building is in exactly the same spot as the original station. The exterior is as close as possible to the original station, right down to the seasoned Jarrah weatherboards and sash windows.

The dimensions are identical to the original. What is most amazing is that, other than the erection of the steel frame, the electrics and the plumbing, the building was completed by volunteers. It was decided to use a steel frame on this project due to the white ant problem that existed in the whole area.

The interior of the station is designed to be a modern clean open setup with toilet facilities including disability toilets.

An impressive feature of the new station is a mural that was painted by four primary school students. It covers the entire back wall of the station and must be seen to be appreciated.

The station also boasts a Wall of Plaques. This is on one chimney in our memorabilia room, along with countless items of railway items donated to our display, far too many to list.

Other features of the building include:

  • Modern kitchen facility
  • Dining area for light refreshments
  • Museum
  • Craft room
  • Library of donated railway information
  • Model train setup depicting Collie as it was in its heyday   

The newest feature of the station is the display of our coal figurines imported from the UK. They are made from deep mine coal and hand carved by ex-miners, therefore ensuring the continuation of their connection with the coal industry that has been part of their heritage for generations.

Light refreshments are available 7 days a week from 9:30am to 4pm or by prior arrangement. Coaches are catered for.

Enjoy the hospitality of our volunteers who delight in showing you around our pride & joy and telling you the history of the Collie Railway Station, and especially of the achievement of the Collie Railway Station group in completing this project.

The Collie Railway Station is at 86 Throssell Street Collie (opposite Shire offices)

If approaching from Bunbury direction, stay on Coalfields Hwy, do not turn off anywhere. Come into Collie and on your left you will sight the overhead railway bridge. You are with us. We are between the overhead bridge and Station Motors. 

There are no entry charges, but we do have a donation box that you are very welcome to contribute to.

Children are welcome. Our model railway is interactive and is enjoyed by young and old alike.


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