Collie Railway Station Group


We wish to acknowledge the generosity of Premier Coal who through the Employee safety voucher fund, has enabled us to have installed a 106cm plasma T.V and VCR DVD combo player in the station. This allows us to show DVDs or tapes of steam rail, Collie in its hey day, our coal industry and our power industry. We have a large selection of DVDs and tapes that we will be happy to show to our visitors at any time..

We wish to acknowledge the Federal governments grant of $4091 from the National Community Crime prevention programme. This will enable us to install security cameras in the station with the facility to download onto disk any footage that the police may require.

We have also been succesfull in our application to the Collie Shire council for a grant to install security screens on the windows of the station. We wish to acknowledge the generosity of both these supporters in assisting in securing these premises.

The security cameras were installed today 25/10/2007 and the security screens will be installed within the next four weeks

We wish to acknowledge the Generosity of Verve Energy in supplying the funding that has allowed us to purchase a Laptop computer. This will enable us to keep accurate accounts and keep a permanent record of all donations made to the station.


We are pleased to acknowledge a donation of $400 from the Blue waters power station "Positive safety fund". This donation will go towards a further large screen placed in our dining area, this will allow us to show tapes or DVDs of the Industries in the area. Our thanks to IHI and the staff at Blue Waters power station for this money.


The COLLIE RAILWAY STATION would like to thank both the BENDIGO BANK and the MINERS WELFARE BOARD for our grant of $15,000 to do repairs to the walls and ceilings, (resealing all the joins and gyprock, and then painting all the walls and ceilings). We apologise for any inconvenience these renovations may have caused.

We re-opened on Thursday, 1st June 2017.


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