Collie Railway Station Group

The Collie Railway Station Group was formed on 11/05/99 in response to community demands for the rebuilding of the railway station which had been demolished in 1977. The group was incorporated in August 1999. The membership has continued to grow and we now have 104 members ranging in age from 8 to 82 years. The Collie Railway Station Group is run solely by volunteers. Prior to the formation of the Collie Railway Station Group, the first project undertaken in the Collie town centre for many years was the renovation of the 100 year old railways goods shed.The shed was designed by C.Y. O'Connor. The renovations commenced in 1996. This left the overhead railway bridge to be renovated and the railway station to be rebuilt. The goods shed and the overhead railway bridge are both heritage listed buildings.

As the railway station will have to be a new building and hence in a different category from the existing heritage listed buildings a new group was formed to undertake this new project. Many fund raising activities have followed with much success. These successes are attributable to the dedicated efforts of organisers, volunteer members, many local business supporters and the Collie community.

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Rebuilding the Collie Railway Station 2003-2004 (PDF)

Collie Railway Station Group (PDF)

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